Freezing Peaches

Halves and Slices: Select firm, ripe peaches with no green color in the skins. Sort, wash, pit and peel. For a better product, peel peaches without a boiling-water dip. Slice, if desired.

Syrup Pack: Use light or medium syrup. For a better quality product, add ½ tsp. crystalline ascorbic acid for each quart of syrup. Put peaches directly into cold syrup in container. Press fruit down and add syrup to cover, leaving head space. Seal and freeze.

Sugar Pack: Add sugar to taste and mix well. To retard darkening, sprinkle ascorbic acid dissolved in water over the peaches before adding sugar. Use 1/4 tsp. crystalline ascorbic acid in 1/4 cup cold water to each quart of fruit. Pack into containers, leaving head space. Seal and freeze.

Water Pack: Pack peaches into containers and cover with cold water containing 1 tsp. crystalline ascorbic acid to each quart of water. Leave head space. Seal and freeze.

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